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Jun 26, 2008 harry potters life potrayed in fan art none of which i drew music a bad dream by keane. Sep 26, 2018 while some fans hated cho since she got in the way of them pairing off harry potter with someone else, other fans felt bad for her because of cedrics death. There are many fan web sites about harry potter on the internet, the oldest ones. How hermione and rons kiss actually plays out in the books. The definitive art collection of the magical film franchise. The fandom interacts online as well as offline through activities such as fan conventions, participating in cosplay, tours of iconic landmarks relevant to the books and production of the films, and parties held for the midnight release of each book and film. Harry ginny a thousand years with lyrics fanart nikol d.

To put it simply, severus, having being polyjuiced as narcissa for multiple months in a row without having much time to spend in his own body, ended up having sex with a very drunk lucius one night. A history of magic exhibition at home harry potter and the philosophers stone wins winner of winners blue peter book award for 2020. Concepts which are established parts of the books, or have been directly decreed by rowling as being part of the harry potter world. Gone series fan art good books, books to read, my books, gone series. Fictionalley was founded in the summer of 2001 by a dozen harry potter fans mostly fanfic writers and artists. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Mar 20, 2018 15 crazy harry potter fan redesigns that will change everything. Also if you dont like black hermione and harry fanarts then dont even bother to read my answer. Fan fiction and fan art are both enormous components of our popular culture, a way we retell our favorite stories just as humans have always retold myths and legends.

Harry potter fanfiction archive with over 816,342 stories. Other authors inspired by harry potter did not fare as well. Mesmerizing new harry potter covers out today to mark the. Harry potter fan fiction is a way for fans of the series to explore themes and ideas that are not explored via the books by j. He must learn what it means to be a potter in the pureblood dominated society as well as dealing with consequences of his desire for freedom. To celebrate the milestone anniversary, scholastic is out with a new set of the beloved books, featuring dramatic new illustrations from artist and selfdescribed huge harry potter fan brian selznick. Concepts which are so popular, and used in so many fan fictions, that many fans. The harry potter movies brought our favorite characters to life, but these fans had their own incredible ideas for the heroes and villains. Harry potter 817k twilight 220k percy jackson and the olympians 76. In fact, i love harry potter crafts so much that i wrote a book about them. Philosophers stone chapter art harry potter fan zone. Im a reader and an artist, this is my place to freak out about books, tv shows, movies and video. Romione harry potter fan art, harry potter movies, draco, welcome to. Now gather your wizarding friends and lets take a step down diagon alley for some potteriffic fun.

But little did we know that there are tons of other amazing books like harry potter out there you just have to know where to look. Rowlings beloved harry potter series was published in the u. Maybe youll never find a book better than harry potter, but that doesnt mean you cant enjoy reading other novels about magic, friendship. Rowlings harry potter books are wonderful fantasy novels with powerful messages for kids and the ability to make even reluctant readers eager readers. Rowling finished writing the harry potter series, she didnt intend to open. This is a beautiful oversize book full of illustrations that capture the sets that were used, the characters, the creatures and the unique detail of. Heres my top 50 memes from the hunger games, harry potter, the lord of the. Top 10 shocking differences between the harry potter movies and books duration. Twins sophie and josh find out the legend is true when they become entangled in a battle for the book of abraham the mage. Ron and hermione married and are pregnant with their first child. A history of magic exhibition and this book is essentially a behind the scenes look at some of the manuscripts, artefacts and history of the magical or mythical creatures or items featured within harry potter. Harry potter draco, neville, and luna look like there in a scene.

This guy accidentally read nsfw harry potter fan fiction. Gone series fan art gone series, go for it quotes, book addict. This is similar to a previous piece of art on this list, capturing every bit of harry potter and the entire wizarding world in one shot. Place the harry potter books in order according to your favourite score a book s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. Bursting with hundreds of rare and unpublished works of art, including production paintings, concept sketches, storyboards, blueprints, and more, this collectible book is the definitive tome on the visual legacy of the harry potter films. Choose your favorite harry potter designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more. My harry potter coloring book revelio is officially live. Check out inspiring examples of harrypotter artwork on deviantart, and get inspired by our community of talented artists.

Find images and videos about harry potter, hermione granger and. The capture of this data is required for us to fulfill our contractual obligation. The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, harry newt scamander and niffler read. Some harry potter fans show incredible dedication to the series, and these parents have gone above and beyond in their decorating. The definitive art collection of the magical film franchise titan books on. The thinking womans guide to real magic by emily croy barker. The harry potter controversy has gone on, in one form or another, for years, particularly before the series ended. Have you gone the extra mile to become a shilpaahujaapproved harry potter fan. Consider this your guide to geeking out at many of the london locations from the books and movies, and where to see hp attractions you cant find anywhere else. What are the best harry potter fan art you have seen. Publishers had to halt the publishing of indian writer uttam ghoshs novel harry potter in calcutta, in which the titular character meets characters from traditional bengali literature. To save hogwarts will require all of harry, ron and hermiones magical abilities and courage in this spellbinding adaptation of j. Amos diggory was a british wizard who worked for the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures in the british ministry of magic. By the fourth harry potter book, the legions of fans had grown so large that considerable security measures were taken to ensure that no book was purchased.

Use the search bar above or click on one of the sections below. Jun 26, 2018 its been almost two decades since the first book in j. Fans will recognise beloved characters, creatures, locations. Absurd new harry potter book written by predictive text already has fan art by anna menta on 121417 at 1. Here are five things every true harry potter fan should do during. To help potterheads visually revisit their favorite moments from the series, artist katie knudson is drawing harry potter scenes that didnt make the films, and. Fanon and fan fiction are terms used to refer to fan canon and unofficial fiction written by fans. So much so that many of us are already planning on reading them to our own kids, because everyone deserves that. Apr 02, 2016 harry potter as told in haiku by ashley mccann published april 2, 2016 updated february, 2019 a haiku is a popular form of japanese poetry, consisting of three lines with a format of 575 syllables.

Fan art 32 ann rinaldi 31 juliet marillier 31 short second life of bree tanner 31 mandie. From the golden compass to city of bones, heres time s take on the 10 most magical books to read if you love harry potter. For young harry potter fans, create a magical adventure with spellbounding games such as harry potter clue, harry potter codename, and harry potter uno. Absurd new harry potter book written by predictive text. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. She cried a lot in the books and it was obvious she felt grief and guilt for cedrics passing and then dating harry so soon after. However, the series has also earned a loyal adult fanbase. Growing up with the harry potter series was a magical thing. At the university of michigan in 2009, starkid productions performed an original musical parodying the harry potter series called a very potter. However, in discussing the novels and films, care must be taken not to mistake fanon, and material within fan fiction, with official canon. These are a series of illustrations as tribute to my favorite characters of the harry potter. He and his wife lost their son cedric in june of 1995, when he was murdered by peter pettigrew on lord voldemorts orders. Luna lovegood luna lovegood in her famous lion hat. On one side of the harry potter controversy are those who say that j.

Harry potterlily evans potter works archive of our own. It is time to for him to reveal himself to the world and let both the dark and light side quail at his sight and wonder when everything changed. Come and rediscover your favorite shows with fellow fans. I especially adore the strong underlying message that encourages bravery, honesty, and integrity familiar values any potter fan can identify with. Jul 18, 2017 potter fans are still fixing its biggest problem 20 years later. Art lovers and harry potter fans alike will also be able to choose from harry potter moments pieces, which illustrate several key scenes from all seven harry potter books, from hagrid delivering baby harry to the dursleys, to harry, ron and hermione gazing up at a terrifying, luminescent dark mark at the quidditch world cup. Featuring news articles, unreleased works by rowling, and audiobook versions of the titular series, the website has become a premier spot for all fans of the harry potter series. When voldemorts followers foolishly decide to attack, harry potter is done hiding behind his masks. Harry receives a letter from dumbledore about his inheritance, due to an ancient rule of the house of potter, harry is forced to take up the mantle of head of a dying house. Each piece tells a familiar story, but with slight twist.

Take a look inside the new illustrated edition of harry potter and the sorcerers stone designed by minalima explore the wonders of the harry potter. Not only do we have 7 magical books full of adventure, heartbreak and. In march 2007, harry potter was the most commonly searched fan fiction subject on the internet. The good such as the castle, the stag patronus, hogwarts express, and the quidditch field is displayed with the bad dementors, the dark mark, and the creepy merpeople. Many fan fiction and fan art works about harry potter have been made. Fortunately, as albus dumbledore more or less said, help will always be given on the internet to those who ask for it. The art of harry potter features original art from the harry potter films and it is magnificent. Continue scrolling and enjoy this compilation of wonderful harry potter fanart. Weve all read the books and watched the movies of course, and while we each have our own theories on certain things, these artists have brought theirs to life.

This collection of harry potter fan art includes a variety of artist renderings completely reimagining j. Jan 03, 2020 these books like harry potter are actually meant for a younger audience. No matter what your interests, if youre a harry potter fan and who isnt. Buy the art of harry potter 01 by titan books isbn. The official harry potter fan club everyones welcome to become a part of the magical universe of harry potter and fantastic beasts. Shop for harry potter art from the worlds greatest living artists. More artists like gone series by michael grant by lmbrake gone michael grant. Today, we have collected 20 magical pieces of harry potter fan art. Harry potter fans may remember nicholas flamel from his appearance in harry potter and the sorcerers stone. Potter fans are still fixing its biggest problem 20 years later. Harry potter and the deathly hallows is a fantasy novel written by british author j. Fictionalley was created to archive all harry potter fanfic, regardless of the ship, as long as the story met a reasonable standard for grammar and spelling, and did not merit an adults only rating.

This guy accidentally read nsfw harry potter fan fiction instead of the real thing and he was confused does the book even start with hermione sending harry a picture of herself in a bikini. Harry potter fan zone hpfz is an australian harry potter fan site established in 2003. Fan art harry potter harry potter fan art wizarding world wizard witch hogwarts magic fantasy jk rowling potterhead baby harry mauraders padfoot prongs sirius. It is time for him to step forward as the master he really is with his lovers at his side. Katie knudson is a comic artist who draws beautiful, emotionally packed scenes that the harry potter movies left out or changed, and the final product will make you realize why the books are so. To commemorate 20 years of harry potter, the british library hosted a harry potter. After the events of the second wizarding war, amos still had not made peace with the death of his son.

The magical book and film series completely captivated the world and. Unauthorized harry potter books are rampant in china. May 17, 2018 20 harry potter fan redesigns way better than the movies. In the art of harry potter we get a chance to see that world in pictures created by the artistic team responsible for putting the painted words to the movie screen. The harry potter movies may be over, but thanks to fans, we can. If you are uncomfortable with partial nudity then dont scroll further.

No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. First, theres kylie lyons, a mother of two, who has papered various surfaces around her home with pages from her collection of old harry potter books. They also host usersubmitted creations, such as fan art or fan fiction. Centred around cath, who writes fan fiction about a famous wizard and his friends, this book is sweet and sad and a weekend read. Harry ginny a thousand years with lyrics fanart youtube. Legend has it that the reallife flamel discovered the secret to eternal life. James, syrius, remus and peter harry potter fan art harry potter past first generation the marauders and snape gone from the story harry potter jokes by kellytt28 kelly with 32,737 reads. Rowling, pottermore was a website dedicated to everything related to harry potter once the books were finished. Diana ladris, gone series gone series, gone book, fan.

This comic artist draws amazing harry potter scenes that. Jul 06, 2011 for day 6 of my harry potter countdown twitter. Its interesting to see the different art work and how much detail gone into it. So, are you ready how big of a harry potter fan are you. Get ready to be amused and petrified as harry potter shows hes more than a wizard, hes a hero. Check out our blog post for tips on what age your child should start reading harry potter. Harry potter is a series of fantasy novels written by british author j. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Whether youre ravenclaw or slytherin, hufflepuff or gryffindor, weve got 30 diy harry potter crafts to appeal to all of your house loyalties. Now, lets go back in time it was accident that draco aidan malfoy was born. The best books to read if you love harry potter time.

If anyone finds themselves missing the harry potter movies and all of their magic. This collection of harry potter fan art includes a variety of artist. This is my fan art tribute to harry and ginnys love story. There are whole sections of her wizard fan fiction throughout the book and her stories are so good that they released her fan fiction as its. So take my ultimate harry potter fandom quiz and see if you would pass n.

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