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Donavans word jar printables, classroom activities. Donavans word jar trophy chapter book paperback december 31, 2018 by monalisa degross author. Whenever donavan finds a new word, he writes it on a slip of paper and puts it in his word jar. Donovan finds words everywhere he looks and writes them down.

He savors each word as he learns to say it and discovers its meaning. This chapter book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 5 to 7 w. His dilemma is what to do with them once his collection becomes larger than the jar that is holding them. He cant put any new words in without taking some of the old words outand he wants to keep all his words. This book is a terrific way to inspire your students to become more observant of unique and descriptive words they come across in their reading and everyday life. When it comes to instilling a love for reading, there is nothing better than using real books. Donavan is excited about collecting new words in his new jar and figuring out how to give them away. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc. She works at the enoch pratt free library in baltimore as project manager of the family reading circle, where she meets and observes children of all ages. Donavans word jar trophy chapter book degross, monalisa, hanna, cheryl on.

Grandma gives him his grandpas old cigar humidor jar to use as he begins a new word collection. Donavans word jar by monalisa degross, cheryl hanna. Find books like donavans word jar from the worlds largest community of readers. Monalisa degross wrote donavans word jar and granddaddys street songs. Every time he sees a new wordon a billboard, a cereal box, a store sign, etc. This meager, sluggish story centers on donavan, a boy who collects words. He keeps the words he collects on slips of paper in a big glass jar. Donavans word jar trophy chapter book kindle edition by monalisa degross, cheryl hanna. Goodreads members who liked donavans word jar also liked.

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